“The Fifth Hero” – Chapter 5

“Get up, Get up you worthless servant!” Kevin coughed. His chest felt like it had been repeatedly beaten with a bat over a dozen times, then run over by a semi-truck for good measure. His blinked several times, but the haziness wouldn’t fade away. Was he knocked unconscious, and for how long? He tried to... Continue Reading →

“The Fifth Hero” – Chapter 4

Smoke bellowed from a large, shattered window three stories above the Noodle Shop. All the lights of the building went out, and the cartoon sign of the Diam had been thrown free, crashing atop a nearby car. Screams filled the air. The crowds turned and ran from the burning building—knocking each other over in a... Continue Reading →

“The Fifth Hero” – Chapter 3

Traveling to another world wasn’t anything like Kevin imagined it to be. No flash of light. No soaring across the stars. No weird distortion of reality. Not even the whimsical transition from wardrobe into an enchanted wood. No, it was more like waking from a deep sleep. That his old life, one with bright neon... Continue Reading →

“The Fifth Hero” – Chapter 2

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘NOPE!’” Kevin’s heart leapt. He spun, searching for the source of the shout. None of his neighbors were out on the patio, nor was there any sign of a cat, dog, or bird. Nothing alive was outside, only the little Crystal, which no longer held its warming glow. “Who basks in... Continue Reading →

“The Fifth Hero” – Chapter 1

This world… really sucks… Kevin gazed over the road as he turned left at the light, barely acknowledging the blaring horn from the truck he cut off. His hand felt numb to the touch of the searing wheel, set ablaze after sitting in the parking lot for two hours. The wind blowing through his driver... Continue Reading →

Ready Player One – Final Thoughts

Following my first impressions post I wrote last week, I have finished reading through Ready Player One and now I’m able to give my thoughts on the book. (Minor Spoilers Ahead, Be Warned). Characters Let’s start with four of the major characters in the series (listed from favorite to least) James Halliday Art3mis Aech Parzival... Continue Reading →

Ready Player One, First Impressions

So, I’ve started reading Ready Player One. I’m only five chapters in, and I don’t know anything else about it beyond what the book cover and what the chapters tell me. What do I think? I’m enjoying it so far. Summary: The story takes place in a sort of post-apocalyptic world, though not nearly that... Continue Reading →

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