People always say to me that I live in my own little world. They’re wrong, I live in multiple little worlds forged from the depths of my mind. Creating speculative worlds (Fantasy, Sci-fi, Super-hero) and I love seeing how certain characters interact with the worlds they’ve put together. 

My name is Brian J. Branscum, also known as Leondero in my gaming circles. I’m a student at Taylor University and professional writer. I love reading fantasy and YA and I’m one increment short of being a legitimate otaku (obsessive anime fan).  My goal is to become a published fantasy author so I can share those “little worlds inside my head.” with everyone.

Most of what I’ll be posting here are my thoughts on the writing process –particularly involving the world-building craft. I don’t claim to be an expert nor do I have anything published in this regard. But the advantage in this is that I am a novice. I am exploring the craft and will have a fresh look on the subject and, hopefully, this juvenile understanding will be of some benefit to you.

Email: BbranscWri{a}outlook.com

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