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Stories change lives. Your story can change lives. I want to be there to help you do it. Too often we get those people who look at our stories and say “it’s good” without taking the time to tell you why they like it. I want to help you find that why. I want to help you build your story up so that the flaws can be smoothed out and help you make your product shine.

I won’t hold back anything, unless you want me to. I will do my best to point out the flaws in your manuscript, whether that be in the content or in the grammar, and do my best to deliver back to you a manuscript you can feel proud of.


Below are the standard rates I charge as an editor. First five pages of any manuscript is free of charge (including short stories). All rates are open to negotiation.

Content-Edit – $4.50 a page. This will include full edit of manuscript from storylines, character arcs, and plot threads. Will look through where the story is weakest and make recommendations to writer to improve it. Specialty in Fantasy and other speculative fiction.
Copy-Edit – $0.02 to $0.04 cents a word, depending on workload.
Proofread – $0.01 to $0.02 cents a word.
RPGs – Name credited as copy editor or proofreader. $0.01 a word for copy-editing and $1 a page for proofreading.
Tabletop Games – For copy-edits or proofreads on board games, having my name credited and a copy of the game. I’m always eager to find and collect great games, and that is reward enough for me.


While my professional experience is limited, I graduated from Taylor University with cum laude (3.60 GPA) in Professional Writing. While there, I took a number of courses in creative writing (Advanced Creative Writing, Fiction Writing), in the business of marketing fiction (Commercial Fiction Writing, Building Your Author Platform), and in literary studies (World Literature, Critical Approaches to Literature)—all of which I will use to help draw out the creative work you’re wishing to get out there. I’ve also received training in Business Writing, writing and editing emails, book proposals, memo sheets, and contracts.

I’m also learned in the practice of editing based on Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) and Associated Press Style (AP) (Media Writing). My training has consisted of all kinds of editing, including line editing, style tagging, and grammar correction. We were also taught the publication process, learning the various steps from taking a rough manuscript, to getting it prepped for the printers, to getting it nice and neat in book form.  I’ve also taken courses in design work (Layout and Design), which has taught me to pick out visual errors overlooked in the design process. I am familiar with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

I’ve worked alongside several upcoming writers, helping them develop and build up their manuscripts for publication, including:

For Gaming (RPGs or Tabletop), I received training under T.R. Knight in his class Writing and Editing for Gaming, in which we went through the process of the gaming publishing world, both in Board Games and in RPGs. He also gave us the opportunity to write up our own RPGs for the project and go through and both edit and proofread old drafts of RPGs and Board Games.

For Christian works, I received extensive training in the Christian market and received training in Old Testament and New Testament studies. Along with that, I’ve taken courses in both Historic Christian Belief, dating back to early church and the divisions and development of denomination, and in Contemporary Christian Belief, where we wrestled with the subjects and problems of the current generation. I am also currently an active member with Lifepointe Alliance Church.


If you wish to to get in touch with me, please contact me at BbranscWri@outlook.com


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