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Creating a world is a difficult process, even for Professionals. Most of the times, we don’t even know where to start. If you need help discovering the origins of your world, linking key historical events from one to another, finding out how cultures and practices come about, or how your magic system functions, I am  there to help you.

A list of things I will help you with include:

  • Determining your world’s origins (be by creator, evolution, or otherwise).
  • Reviewing Maps, figuring out the layout of your world.
  • Nations, cultures, traditions of people groups.
  • Development of religion, history, and faiths.
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Magic systems / Unique supernatural elements


Below are the standard rates I charge as a world builder consultant (prices are negotiable).

  • Preliminary Talk – This could include a two hour talk or going over the first five pages of worldbuilding lore. First session is free for all clients. If you are satisfied with your experience, we can proceed to discuss further rates.
  • Hourly: Live conversations (via skype or otherwise) and consulting will be charged at $12 to $14 an hour. This will also include cost of independent research and discussion. This service will be more detailed in analysis on both the physical layout of your world, the cultural structures, and the magical elements you wish to convey.
  • By Page: Can also edit the notes provided instead at $4.50 a page. This will include looking through the notes and providing feedback and questions as I would for a Content Edit.


I’ve been immersed in world-building for years, from the backyard playing with sticks as swords in the backyard to developing inventive worlds in my writing today. I’ve worked with several of my fellow writers to draw out their worlds from figuring out how their worlds came to be to d helping them learn what aspects stand out most in those worlds.

In addition, while at Taylor University, I took courses in cultural anthropology, world politics, forensic science, astronomy, and animal biology—all of which influenced the way I see world building and have impacted the way I help others do the same.


For preliminary consulting, please contact me at BbranscWri@outlook.com

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